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What is Bitely?

Bitely is an artificial intelligence-supported e-learning platform where users can access information based on their interests.
Read, listen, or watch!

It's up to you how you access the information. Choose the way that feels right for you.

Track your progress easily

Keep track of your progress through your personal statistics as you use our app. Grow as you learn!

Personalized learning

Our intelligent platform will create a unique plan for you to make learning a habit.

How it works?

Bitely is an artificial intelligence-supported e-learning platform where users can access information based on their interests.

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Unlock your unique world of content

Experience the thrill of tailor-made content! Embark on an extraordinary journey with Bitely!

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Learn life-changing knowledge

Craft your program to the new learning experience with our curated content for you to learn.

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Start learning with your companion

Bitely makes your learning experience easier by breaking down the content on your list into daily chunks to read or listen.

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Listen to your bites

Start your personal growth journey with Bitely's infinite source of knowledge.

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Learn to earn, achieve goals, get rewards

Engage with gamification to earn rewards while learning.

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Have your own educational courses hosted on the Bitely platform!

If you have a course, or book you would like hosted on our platform, please contact us form more information.



What people saying!

‘’This app is a beacon in the info deluge. Summaries are concise, insightful, tailored for growth. Like a mentor in my pocket. Perfect for the ambitious.’’
tireAlexa R., Entrepreneur/ San Francisco
‘’Lifelong learner's best tool. Transforms commutes into lessons. Every summary feels like a coffee with a great author. Essential for the curious.’’
tireMohammed K., Software Developer/ Dubai
‘’Not mere summaries—pure wisdom. Books' essence streamed into my brain, empowering my career journey. A game-changer for professionals.’’
tireSophia T., Marketing Executive/ London
‘’Skeptic turned believer. The app offers deep understanding, rich insights. Unparalleled educational tool for the modern age. Simply transformative.’’
tireEthan L., PhD Candidate/ Boston
‘’Overflowing bookshelf, scant time. This app's a revolution, offering book keys in smart, succinct summaries. For those who read to grow.’’
tirePriya S., Creative Writer/ Mumbai

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