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What is Bitely?

Bitely is your AI-powered, brain-boosting buddy! You can read or listen to our content via your personalized 15 minutes daily program, whenever and wherever you want.
Track your progress easily

Keep track of your progress through your personal statistics as you use our app. Grow as you learn!

Read, listen, watch or touch!

It's up to you how you access the information. Choose the way that feels right for you.

Highly personalized learning experience

Our artificial intelligence system will create a unique plan for your skill development. We wish you success on your journey.

How It Works?

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Discover Your Personalized Contents!
Here, you can explore specially curated content tailored for you.

Get started today and discover our content library!
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Add Books To Your Bitelist!
You’ve examined the book details to create your personalized book list and discovered books you liked.

Now, you can add the selected books to your bitelist.
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Get Daily Book Recommendations!
Your personal coach presents books from your list every day, serving them up in bite-sized bits.A daily dose to keep your reading list flourishing!
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Create Your Own Learning Path-Read, Listen and More!
With these gems on your list, navigate your personal growth journey the way that feels just right for you!
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Complete goals, and earn rewards!
While having fun with gamified content, you can earn points, XP, levels, and Bitely Coins by completing daily goals, enabling you to access more features and content on the app.
Have your own educational courses hosted on the Bitely platform!
If you have a course, or book you would like hosted on our platform, please contact us form more information.


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