How Summaries Can Boost The Learning Process

Reading's benefits to your overall wellness are beyond counts. If you’re a Bitely reader, you are likely familiar with how reading can improve your cognitive abilities.

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How Summaries Can Boost The Learning Process

Reading's benefits to your overall wellness are beyond counts. If you’re a Bitely reader, you are likely familiar with how reading can improve your cognitive abilities.

The American writer and illustrator of top-rated children's books, Dr. Seuss, explains that reading imparts knowledge: "The more you read, the more things you learn, the more places you'll go."

One of the most famous and compelling quotes by 17th-century French writer Voltaire can be summarized as follows: "Reading nurtures the soul, and an enlightened friend brings it solace."

There is much more competition for our attention and energy today than during the 17th century, thus making life much more challenging. In addition, due to our time constraints, it may seem impractical to read a whole book from beginning to end for weeks. It's for this reason that online book summaries are beneficial.

Nowadays, dozens of summary apps give you critical information about bestselling books within 10-15 minutes. However, the dilemma remains: can a summary replace reading a book in its entirety?

The purpose of summaries is to help you quickly grasp the main points of a topic.

You can capture a book's key takeaways and thesis statements concisely and effectively in a well-written summary. In many cases, these online resources effectively expose you to a wide variety of information quickly, which is especially useful when you want to learn more about a particular topic.

Summarizations can save a lot of time and help the reader comprehend an author's point of view more clearly. For example, if the author's arguments were hard to follow, this could help you understand them better.

Even though you will read the entire book later, it will still be beneficial to read a summary first. It makes it a lot easier to read an overview of the book in order to understand its core message. Having done so, you will gain a deeper understanding of the author's thoughts when you read their whole work while saving a lot of time if it doesn’t appeal to your interest.

There Should Be More To It Than Just A Simple Read.

When reading a summary, it might be tempting to skim through it and assume you will remember the key points. Well, unfortunately, there is little to gain from doing this. You'll have to put in some effort instead. Research in pedagogy has shown that engaging actively and purposefully with information is the most effective method of absorbing it.

If you find sections that appeal to you in summary, note them and highlight or underline them as you read. When you're reading, consider your own goals or experiences, consider the author's perspective, or form your own opinion of it.

Sometimes, you feel exhausted, but there's a purpose to it! Of course, interacting with a text on the drive will help you remember the key ideas it conveys, so that's why you read the summary of the text in the first place.

Additionally, Bitely offers well-crafted quizzes at the end of book summaries to evaluate what you have gained from the book, making it much easier to absorb the key points and ideas. These books' condensed content will help you remember the text more efficiently while saving time for reading more!

For on-the-go Reading, A Summary Is The Best Option.

One of the most significant advantages of reading a summary is reading it on the go.

Are you looking forward to a friend's arrival or some food? Are you on break from classes? Are you taking the bus? Try reading a new book with your book summary app instead of scrolling aimlessly through your social media accounts.

Feeling crowded on the train and crammed next to other commuters who are hot and sweaty? Unfortunately, it is unlikely that you will have the option to take a physical book out of the bag. However, you can easily absorb some knowledge while commuting by using your daily summary app, Bitely. You can even listen to it while watching the outside world.

Some books do not make good summaries.

Even though summaries are helpful, you might need to be careful about which books you read to get the most out of them. Some summaries work better than others, depending on the book.

By contrast, if you outline the contents of a memoir, you may lose the richness of the author's point of view and the valuable knowledge that can be gained from reading the biography directly. A summary, however, would still effectively convey the key points of an investment book, provided that it is organized and presented clearly.

A person's taste ultimately determines what they prefer. Based on the book's subject matter, you must decide whether you want to hear the author's main points.

The summaries of quality books can still provide us with much information, even if we don't have time to read the whole book.

Check out Bitely if you're interested in learning about many different topics. Our collection of book summaries makes learning portable and easy.

You can download our app from Google Play and the Apple Store!

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