Eight Tips for Becoming a Kinder Person

Everyone loves to be around friendly people. A nice person is a joy to surround yourself with, and they inspire others. It is widely accepted that they have a larger pool of genuine friends.

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Eight Tips for Becoming a Kinder Person

Everyone loves to be around friendly people. A nice person is a joy to surround yourself with, and they inspire others. It is widely accepted that they have a larger pool of genuine friends. They have apparent care for others, which shows in their words, actions, and thoughts. A saying says it is nice to be necessary, but even more important to be nice.

The question is, what kind of person am I? And how do you become a kinder person? 

You can become one by following these eight tips:  

Remember To Say Thank You, and Please

The power of having good manners, specifically saying please and thank you, might seem obvious, but many people do not grasp it. Taking the time to be polite can make you a more friendly person in the shortest time possible. Furthermore, by doing so, you demonstrate your appreciation for their contribution or their efforts. 

Thanks and pleases are almost impossible to overdo. As long as your gratitude is sincere, there is no such thing as being too polite. The power of being polite, regardless of whether you are dealing with a restaurant server or your boss, should never be underestimated. Therefore, it is essential to remember to say 'please' and 'thank you' whenever possible.

Kindness Is the Best Policy

Acting with kindness makes a nice person, and studies have shown that kindness can positively affect your brain. Kindness triggers the release of oxytocin and endorphins, and there seems to be a link between acts of kindness and new neural connections. In addition, having a kind attitude reinforces itself over time. Being kind makes us feel good, so we can quickly become engrossed in the act of kindness.

Always Be Respectful of Other People's Feelings and Thoughts

It would be best not to try to guess what someone feels inside, regardless of how well you think you know them. Your mistake will be assuming someone is fine when upset and can't comfort and console them. Likewise, you may treat them with unnecessary hostility if you think they are mad at you without asking.

Be Attentive and Listen Well

Is there a time in your life when you have been conversing with someone when they pulled out their phone and started fudging what you were saying? Sadly, this behavior is becoming more commonplace. Kindness is shown when you engage with someone and are present. Listening to the other person shows you value what they say.

We do not mean to imply that you must agree with every word another person says. It would be impossible to follow that advice. However, if you are attentive to what others are saying around you, you will find that you will come across as a more kind person.

Avoid Criticizing or Complaining

People don't want to be around complaining people. Having a good cry with a trusted friend about something you're frustrated with can be cathartic, but when you constantly complain or criticize, the negativity can overwhelm you.

Try to make your words more supportive, uplifting, and sympathetic before you speak.

Give Other People a Hand

Nothing is more valuable than kindness and willingness to help others. There comes a time in everyone's life when they need a little help. Whether it is a simple act of kindness such as crossing the street for an elderly lady or helping a friend looking for a job update their resume, be willing to lend a helping hand. You do not need to expect anything in return for your kindness (although you may be more likely to receive it if you help others). That person's life will be changed due to your actions. 

Be More Eco-Friendly

Your interactions with people are not the only thing that makes you nicer. Bacharach insists that it is also a matter of respecting Mother Nature and doing your part to ensure that you are as sustainable as possible.

Consider taking one step at a time to help the environment. Try to implement one change each month in different areas. It takes time to form habits, so don't start with all of them at once. Don't forget: Even minor changes can have an impact.

Take Care of Yourself

Last but not least, self-kindness is essential. Whether or not we are aware of it, how we care for ourselves and talk to ourselves influences our behavior toward others. For example, how can we be expected to treat others nicely when we are not treating ourselves well? 

You may want to take a moment and pay attention to what you say to yourself and how you react to problems. Do you blame yourself or punish yourself? Are you critical of yourself? 

We become more able to be nice to others if we practice patience and kindness toward ourselves in the first place.

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